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    Film thickness determines the quality of the workpiece

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:38:48

    The precision, smoothness and adhesion of the paint film on the surface of the sprayed steel parts of the

    sprayer are better than the general hand-made spray coating. It is easy to use and saves up to 50% of the paint from the usual air spray.   

    application of airless sprayer, the thickness of the paint layer must be handled. In order to make the steel anti-corrosion coatings to give full play to their best characteristics, a sufficient thickness of the paint layer is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to make the lacquer layer thin and thick.     The thickness of the coating layer can be manipulated according to the following methods: &;; 

    1. Each paint layer obtained by topcoat or drum spraying is thinner and thinner, and the number of coating passes is at least lower than that of the airless spray coating. The number of passes is doubled and can exceed the required thickness.    

    2. The construction should be carried out according to the demand during the construction. The film thickness gauge is often used to measure the thickness of the wet paint layer to manipulate the thickness of the dry paint layer and ensure the symmetry of the coating thickness.    

    3. Measure the relative density and spread of the thickness according to the size of the object to be coated, and then measure the thickness of the dry lacquer layer. If the thickness of the paint layer is not exceeded, it is necessary to carry out the recoating.    

    Therefore, strict control of the thickness of the airless sprayed polyurethane coating can not only reduce the cost, but also highlight the quality of steel painting. Therefore, as a spraying staff, the spraying work must be based on the actual steel painting requirements, and firmly grasp the thickness of the polyurethane coating.

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