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    Seven problems should be paid attention to in the water spray booth of Hengshui Steel Structure Powder Coatings

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 09:51:04

    powder coating spray booth production is the key process in the spraying production process. The key to the quality of the sprayed surface is the control of various process parameters during the spraying process.

    powder output and atomizing air are two key technical indicators.    


    before formal dusting, spraying can try several times, then the powder may be observed that the uniformity of the size and distribution of the powder in the spray room ends. At this time, the powder runs in a straight line within 10cm-15cm from the end of the spray gun, and the other part is in the form of atomized powder. The powder adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece is actually the powder of the atomization effect, and whether such atomization effect exists. The powder is used as a standard to control the distance between the spray gun and the profile. In addition to the process parameters, the necessary detail of also should pay attention to.    

    1, spray gun position     gun should maintain a certain inclination in a direction toward the workpiece running parallel to the gun held vertically in the array, the tip portion held in a straight line, the gun there should be no overlap portion between the upper and lower positions in a powder spray gun to cover all the work is appropriate.    

    2, fluidized   control pressure;   effect of the fluidized bed is to use air flow effect, the powder to form a suitable fluidized state, a state similar to the feel of the liquid flow detection fluidizing achieve full state, the operation is simple: when the sticks or agitating powders hand, feel the presence of resistance. Fluidized powder to facilitate the intake duct, at an accelerating effect of wind, an effect atomization, insufficient pressure or over-pressure caused by fluidizing Metropolitan produce insufficient.    

    3, reuse of recovered powder     adsorbed to the surface profile of all powder spray guns only the amount of powder left 1/3, more scattered in a powder spray booth, the powder recovery must be added with the new powder mixed in suitable proportions, the effect is better, so the powder should be recycled.    

    4, the closed spray booth     powder is easily contaminated by ambient air suspension, after dusting prone to shrinkage or floc profile surface, baked and affect the profile surface flatness, so the spray booth should be taken containment measures to prevent the intrusion of contaminants.    

    5, residual powder in the trachea should be cleaned and cleaned in time, not used for a long time, easy to agglomerate, powder is easy to produce powdering phenomenon, affecting the spraying effect.    

    6, spare powder bucket     used for powder replacement, can effectively improve labor efficiency, spare powder bucket dustproof, moisture proof and other maintenance work must be done to ensure the quality of the remaining powder in the powder bucket .   

    7, in addition to the work of powder supplement should also be paid attention to     although the technical parameters have been debugged before production is normal, we must constantly monitor the workpiece through the powder filling window, and found The powder is lightly filled and the powder is not adsorbed in time. Since the amount of powder sprayed by the manual rubbing gun is larger than that of the automatic gun, the manual rubbing gun can be speeded up by hand.

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