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    Reverse suspension membrane structure

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-02 10:00:02

    The shielding efficiency decreases by 65 dB, ranging from 0.5 MHz to 1.6 MHz. The wall and skylight shielding are made of 1.0 mm thick perforated galvanized steel sheet with 9 *25 steel mesh on the ground. The thickness and width of the silk stem are 1.2 mm. The main keel of the wall is fixed on the steel column, and the secondary keel is fixed on the main keel with a spacing of about 1300. The shielding plate and the secondary keel are flexible 8,1 construction scheme keel_installation of secondary keel_galvanized steel plate_installation of light steel keel_installation of inner plate_8.2 shielding shell structure scheme shell connection mode: after galvanized steel plate is laid, the shielding shell is fixed by welding joint. On the secondary keel bracket, a steel guide pad is pasted parallel to the splicing line at the splicing joint, and then a-100*6 galvanized strip is laid on the pad. The shielded galvanized sheet is fixed through the galvanized strip with 6 self-tapping nail to the keel at the joint of the wall and the ground through a steel plate with a length of-80*4 embedded at the joint of the wall and the ground. The single-layer steel mesh and the pre-embedded steel plate on the ground pass through the shielded galvanized strip. The anchor bars are firmly welded. The galvanized wall plate and the embedded steel plate are welded intermittently. The 383 inner plate is installed block by block according to the construction layout, and is fixed with special screw (fittings) and light steel keel.

    Installation of inner panel adopts special bracket support and lifting inner 384 airbag shield door to install airbag sealed translation shield door in large shield door. Vertical lifting and landing open type is adopted, supported by lifting and carrying frame of door fan, and vertical lifting and landing motion is made. The door frame is surrounded by an elastic reply and an air bag. The contact between the door and the door frame is caused by the insertion of the door fan into the lambda door frame. The air bag is inflated and the elastic reply is compressed to make the door and the door frame stick together, thus meeting the requirements of complete electromagnetic seal. When the door is opened, the air bag deflates to separate the contact surface between the door fan and the door frame. The door fan lifting device and the leading door fan are separated from the door frame and placed in the corresponding position through the bridge plate. Installation points of 385 shielding system can be freely installed: (1) In construction of doubtful ground floor, overlap welding is adopted at the intersection of reinforcing bars and the joint of reinforcing bars, and spot welding is not allowed to ensure the screen effect of reinforcing bars to clean up the concrete cushion. When laying reinforcing reinforcing bars, flatness should be strictly ensured, and two steel bars should be adequate. Sufficient overlap length, steel mesh overlap should be interrupted welding, and timely management of welding slag and other metals [all shielded water supply pipelines] should be immediately and reliably welded with the shield plate during construction, and timely grinding of the weld seam to ensure that no foreign body is retained and shielded layer_All cable pipes passing through the shield layer should be made of steel. Pipe and reliable welding with shielding net_Power wave filters with appropriate capacity should be selected according to the electric load of different equipment.

    Before construction, we should check whether the waveguide is in good condition and test the lattice to use the air conditioner. At the exit of the test hall, we should install waveguide windows. During the construction of waveguide windows, the outer frame and the pole should be welded intermittently. It is better to install the shielding plate under the conductive cushion lamp to open holes. We should pay attention to the shielding net and the shielding plate at the opening. Concluding remarks: 1) The project passed the acceptance test successfully in October 2010 and won the Golden Steel Award for steel structure 2) Through the construction practice of the project, it provides experience for the future construction of similar steel structure workshop with concrete filled steel tubular column and large tonnage double-deck crane beam, and at the same time, it also provides experience for the future steel structure factory. The high efficiency shielding construction of the house can provide reference.

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