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    Advantages of steel construction (why choose steel structure?)

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-09-26 13:26:01

    1. quality reliability reliable

    steel is due to the consistency of its performance.

    better quality control, because the structure of the shape of its manufacturing plant. For example, if different samples are taken from the same type of steel and tested for yield stress, ultimate stress and elongation in the laboratory, the change is much smaller than for concrete and wood samples with very large stress changes. .

    When deriving the formula, the assumptions made were met due to the uniformity and elastic properties of the steel.

       2. Industrial Behavior

    Rolled sections are obtained from rolling mills and their performance in construction will not differ much due to their industrial manufacture.

    Since the components are manufactured and cut at the factory and then assembled on site, the manual error is small; the behavior changes little.

       3.  Construction speed is

    There are rolled and cold-formed steels on the market. The cutting of the

    component section is done at the factory, the assembly part is done at the factory, and some are done on site by rivets, bolts or welding (as the case may be). The construction time of the

    steel structure is much shorter than that of the concrete structure. The construction of the concrete structure is carried out on site or with prefabricated components.

       4.  High strength, light weight

    steel high strength / unit weight (such as 77kN/m3 and conc.23.6 kn/in) means that the dead load will become smaller. These loads are a large part of the total load of the structure. This has experience in long-span bridges, high-rise buildings, and structures with poor basic conditions.

        ... continuous nature of high strength and light weight

    If the calculated ratio of density and stress coefficients of different building materials "c", the steel will exhibit minimum values:

    material c=γ/f (m-1)

    aluminum 1.1 10-4

    steel 3.2 10-4

    Wood 4.5 10-4

    Concrete 24 10-4

       5.&; Uniformity, Durability and Performance

    Durability means long life of the structure.

    steel is a very uniform material.

    It satisfies the basic assumptions of most analysis and design equations.

    If properly maintained by painting, etc., the properties of the steel will not change significantly over time.

    Therefore, the steel structure is more durable.

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