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    Dimensions of steel structures

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    2.3 Model checking is an effective measure to control the quality of detailed drawings. It includes self-examination and special examination. Firstly, the modeler carries out self-examination, and then, when the model is audited by the teacher, it ensures that all information of the original design drawing is marked to prevent omission of the model. During self-examination, the material list, material grade and bolt grade and length of component number bolt are checked, and the model self-examination sheet is submitted to the auditor to enter the model. Start the audit work, and conduct a comprehensive audit of the location and numbering of components in the model, as well as the cross section and the nodes. Finally, the supplier draws for 2.4 model. On the basis of ensuring the integrity and correctness of the model, he sets the frame and material table style, and prepares the map. For beams, braces, purlins and verticals, each type of hook piece is submitted to the technical center for examination and approval, and after examination, the component processing and fitting drawing is formally issued. Generally, it is required to complete the installation drawing first, and check the component location in the original design drawing again by drawing the installation drawing, which is also the second effective measure to ensure the accuracy of the drawing.

    When all drawings are completed, the list of component tables and catalogues will be provided and submitted to the Design Institute for review. While waiting for the review and reply, it is also the process for us to review the assembly dimensions of the components in the drawings. When using XSTEEL to deepen the design of drawings, the emphasis is often placed on the quality of model building, and the quality of drawings is often neglected. It's customary to assume that there are no errors in the model and that the drawings will be good accordingly. It is not detailed enough because of the missing markings of parts and components, the wrong welds and the incomplete size of assembly. For factory processing, even if a beautiful beam is placed on the drawings, it is impossible to make it fast, accurate, quality and quantity-guaranteed. One of the difficulties in the design of construction detail drawings is to overcome the difficulties of dagger engineering, which is one of the difficulties in the design of construction detail drawings. And the construction period is short. Generally, it takes a month to complete the deep design of such a large tonnage. By selecting A1 and C1 to start the modeling and drawing for the steel structure of the drawing roof from eight areas A1~A4 and B with the same structure, the workload is reduced to one sixth of the original one, which greatly shortens the time of modeling and drawing.

    Therefore, we set the conversion period as 10 days. This is also an extraordinary attempt and challenge film. In general, it is important to have an amazing and impressive architectural appearance for venues. The architectural form that attracts people's attention is, of course, curvilinear shape. Shenyang Exhibition Center is no exception. Planar steel arch beam and spatial steel arch torsion beam are used in roof structure. Two types of steel girders make it more difficult to deepen the design of detailed drawings, and STEEL software is widely used in the transformation of detailed drawings. However, this software has some shortcomings in the transformation of curved form, especially in the smoothness of curves. If the plane steel arch beam is directly transformed by XSTEEL, it may cause errors in dimensional accuracy. In order to overcome the shortcomings of XSTEEL, we first import lofting size into XSTEEL software in cAD, and then use some key points in CAD to control the lofting size and appearance of XSTEEL components. On the basis of accurate lofting of plane steel arch beams, the advantages of the two software are fully combined to further reduce or avoid size errors.

    For the further design of space steel arch torsion beam, we directly use CAD to lay out the drawings, and use the secondary development program of CAD to output coordinates of space points. Not only the assembly control points of the space torsion beam in the next section are given to the three-dimensional coordinates, but also the three-dimensional coordinates of the control points of all parts, as well as the plane unfolding drawings and coordinates of each part are provided. This deepening design method is not only faithful to the original design intention, but also provides reliable data for factory processing and site installation (fig. 4). Fig. 4 Three-dimensional axle-side diagram of steel arch torsion beam in space (the third place of steel structure in Shenyang Exhibition Center) adjusts the length of allowable range used in horizontal support of roof, generally speaking, it can only be transported back to cable factory. Home modification. This not only delays the construction period, but also causes cost and material loss. With the help of accurate spatial positioning of SEEL model, we can measure the length of the space cable of the roots very accurately and conveniently, so as to avoid the difference of the length, considering the adjusting range of the anchorage. Actively cooperate with the professional cable processing plant to provide accurate 4 construction details in the process of deepening, cooperate with the project department and the plant, and cooperate with the project department in the process of deepening. The project department has put forward requirements for the length of the steel beam, which is required to be no more than 15m. Therefore, for the requirements, we have segmented the steel beam, which is considered by many parties. Finally, the steel beam is divided into seven sections, and the connecting lugs are installed at the corresponding positions, which provides favorable conditions for site installation.

    Since concrete grouting is used after the installation of the steel beam, grouting holes, vibration holes and air holes are placed in the corresponding position of the steel beam. The setting of grouting holes meets the construction requirements of field concrete.

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