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    32 The development of other auxiliary design programs in structural design includes constant load, live load, wind load, seismic load, temperature load and so on. According to this regulation: Prestressed steel structure should include the calculation of strength, stability and connection strength of all kinds of hooks in the stage of predicted stress construction (single or multiple prestressing schemes), and the basic quasi-combination value of load effect should be adopted. When the prestressing effect is a permanent load effect, such as the design of a dome structure, the combined calculation of structural calculation load includes constant load, live load, wind load, seismic load and temperature experience. There is one constant load, three kinds of live load, four to eight kinds of wind load, three to six kinds of seismic load and two kinds of temperature load. There are 48 load combinations of ultimate bearing capacity state that the designers need to fill in. If the input is time-consuming and laborious, and it is easy to show input errors, affecting the final result judgment.

    But if the function of MAPobject. SAPModel. RespCombo. Add of SAP2000. API day is combined with nested cycle, the D4Y combination of the load-free condition can be realized. The conclusion of the fast-7 automatic load surface introduces the AP technology of SAP2000 and the design and construction process analysis process of the suspension dome structure. The application of AP technology in improving the design efficiency of suspended dome is introduced based on the analysis of the design and construction process of suspended dome structure in sAP2000 software. Through the analysis of the tension construction process of Sanya Sports Center Stadium Project, the procedural reference [3] Yu Chengfei. Introduction Guide to SAP2000 API [4] Chen Zhihua. Parametric calculation and analysis of APDL for spatial steel structure [M]. Beijing: China Water Resources and Hydropower Press, 2009 [5] Feng Keyi. Discussion on the modeling of SAP2000 API using ANSYS pretreatment [D]. National User Conference of Civil Structural Software [6] Qiu Yuan, Tang Xulin, Wang Yingtao, et al. Application of SAP2000 API and _NET technology in rapid modeling of reticulated shells [C]. Papers of the First National Conference on Civil and Gold Structural Software 2008 [7], Chongling Fox, SAP2000 AP Structural Design and Analysis Li2010 [9], Wang Yongquan, Guoxing, Luobin, and large-scale cable-supported reticulated shells are stretched into volumes. Methods A comparative analysis [C]. See: Papers of the 11th and 9th post-tensioned prestressing Symposium of China in the past 50 years (Beijing): 2006.

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