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    time:2019-09-29 09:01:19

    In the process of synchronous control hoisting of 42 double cranes, our company adopts double cranes, which effectively solves the problem of limited construction site and single crane hoisting can not complete the hoisting well. However, the synchronization of the two cranes must be solved. In order to complete the hoisting better, our company adopts 4.2.1 technical guarantee measures for the two cranes in both technical and safety aspects. Before the hoisting, the technicians in charge of the project department have made detailed technical submissions and security for the two crane drivers, crane workers and signal commanders. Full disclosure, clear the weight of the truss and the route of operation. Require strict inspection of equipment before hoisting in accordance with the contents of hoisting, such as steel rope, to calculate whether the steel rope can meet the hoisting needs of the hoisting process, signal officer is responsible for grasping the direction of operation, unified command and coordination of the movements of the two vehicles. In lifting operation, the driver of the crane has a good command, strictly obeys the command of the signalman, and operates 42.2 safety assurance measures in accordance with the regulations and the contents of the handover. During the lifting process, the wire rope is kept perpendicular at all times. Before lifting the hook, the rope is tightened and observed in situ. The truss stops about 0.5 meters from the ground to determine the brake, lifting point and lifting gear. Then proceed with the operation.

    The on-site signal commander checks the synchronization in the course of walking, finds out the problem and communicates with the driver below to strictly control the crane's walking speed and lifting speed, sets markings on both sides of the road, and checks them in operation to ensure that the crane's driving speed on both sides is uniform and consistent. Labels are also set at the upper altitude, requiring that the adjustment should be made when the inspection is not synchronized at 1 m walk to prevent the difficulty of synchronization adjustment caused by 1. 43. After the vertical control of pipe truss is hoisted in place, theodolite and other instruments are used to control the axes of the embedded parts and the truss immediately. When the two axes coincide, the column is tightened again. Foot nuts, when two or more trusses form a system, use the elevation control point, use the suspension steel ruler to transfer the distance from the control point to the column foot suspected soil beam, and imitate the corresponding marking, use theodolite and leveler to check the elevation and axis of the truss again as shown in Figure 4.3. Figure 4.3 Measuring the vertical span of truss (in order to ensure the installation accuracy and quality of long-span pipe truss, the accuracy of truss must be controlled, and the relative accuracy of plane position must be controlled. (The relative elevation of axis deepens the drawing to mark the plane node elevation, transverse displacement, diameter displacement control axis of truss on the column foot concrete beam.) Upon positioning of the secondary frame, the elevation and axis deviation at each node can be checked again before welding.

    All the data are recorded in written form. As a battle between the axes of the control truss for more than three months, the basketball hall project of the Sports Center of Suzhou University of Science and Technology has been successfully completed. The successful implementation of this project provides a reference method for similar projects in the future, and at the same time, I have gained considerable experience in the process of economic and engineering implementation for the company. To the construction process, the construction plan and its selection are very important. To formulate a reasonable construction plan, we must combine the actual construction site to achieve targeted. With technical escort, scientific management and teamwork, the project can be carried out with high quality and efficiency.

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