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    time:2019-09-28 09:21:02

    When the crane is lifted, reasonable load distribution should be carried out according to the crane's capacity (the load of the overhead crane should not exceed 85% of its safe load) and unified command should be given during operation. The drivers of the two cranes should cooperate closely with each other to prevent one crane from losing weight and overloading the other crane. In the whole lifting process, the hook pulley units of two cranes should maintain the installation of fixed roof latticed shells with 4 vertical steel structures. The main problems to be solved are how to control the deformation of single-layer latticed shells by dividing them into blocks and how to connect the arch and latticed shells with 4.1 fixed roofs (latticed shells). The roof adopts single-layer reticulated shell structure, which is supported between main arch, auxiliary arch, oblique arch and inner ring truss. The connection between flat steel pipe and upper chord of arch is strengthened by intersecting welding. The connection between steel pipe is in two ways. The connection point of eight steel pipe intersecting is plum blossom, and the other 42 fixed roofs are intersecting welding. Shell) Construction analysis of structural characteristics, the use of high-altitude bulk, support consumption is too large.

    Installation of slices, the slices can not be directly in place. Therefore, hexagonal block hoisting is adopted. Installation idea of residual components is adopted to complete the installation of arch and auxiliary arch of fixed roof reticulated shell structure. After 400 tons caterpillar crane exits the field, the installation of single-layer reticulated shell begins. Because of the large coverage area of reticulated shell, the large number of joints and the use of tubular intersecting joints, the high altitude welding operation is large, and the joints are jointed. The difficulty of space positioning is thorium. Therefore, the self-made hanging blue working cap is used to cooperate with the completed arch part as the construction platform to ensure the safety of high-altitude operation. The self-made hanging blue should be firmly connected with the installed arch structure to ensure that the work level can be propelled from one end to the other side according to the requirements of construction progress, so as to reduce the installation of single-layer reticulated shells. Less reciprocating travel time of crane. Because of the particularity of reticulated shell structure, it is difficult to construct at high altitude because some middle joints are connected in the form of "plum blossom". In order to reduce the workload of empty assembling and the difficulty of high altitude operation, at the same time, in order to speed up the construction progress and ensure the installation quality of components, it is proposed to consider dividing the whole structure of fixed reticulated shell between the main arch and the auxiliary arch into 1.~ Four hexagonal members are hoisted, and the others are assembled with the installed hexagonal and side truss and arch frame. Because the number of hexagonal parts that can be hoisted as a whole is limited, in order to ensure the quality of "plum blossom" connection points, it is necessary to weld on the ground and add temporary reinforced trusses on both sides, and also to hoist them as a whole. Attention should be paid to the connection between the two sides of the component and the arch frame, which should be slowly lowered during installation. After the equal-side intersection is in place, the other end should be put in place. According to the partition and weight of the structural component and the working radius of the component hoisting, the t-crawler crane should be selected as the main hoisting equipment and arranged outside the field.

    In all hoisting work, the maximum working radius of the crane is about 76m (the ratio between the two arches is reached when the components are hoisted). The weight of the "plum blossom" shaped components is 9.t. The total weight is 10.7t with the weight of hooks, cables and so on. That is, when the working radius is 76 m, the lifting degree is 48 m and the lifting weight is 10.7 t. The mechanical configuration of the crane is as follows: the maximum main arm is 91m, and the lifting performance of the fixed reticulated shell with 200 t overweight is important.

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