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    Leveling function and structure: Leveling sheet metal. The pinch roll can be lifted freely to adjust the leveling clearance conveniently. Five rolls leveling, screw adjustment. Suitable "Number: Plate thickness is 0.8-1.5 mm, feed width is 500 mm 6.3 forming machine 1). Function and structure description is to adopt independent frame (cast steel/nodular iron), base adopts welding structure, after stress removal treatment, import feeding device, excellent carbon steel axle, to ensure the accuracy of the parts. The rolling mill is changeable and easy to adjust and operate. 2) The main drive mode is main motor deceleration raft gear machine torque distribution universal joint upper and lower roller shaft of archway. 3) The diameter of the main shaft is about 60 mm, and the power of the motor is about 22 KW forming passes. The structure of the 26-pass 6.4 Hummer tracks the automatic rolling spot welding on-line and satisfies the fixed width welding position. Requirement. Each action of welding machine is controlled by P. The welding control box can lock welding current, welding speed and other process parameters and interlock with the whole line electric control system. The welding is firm and reliable. There is no obvious indentation, virtual welding and burning damage at the weld joint. The lap edge bonding effect is good.

    Relevant parameters: spot welding spacing is 80 +5 mm; welding speed is more than 6 m/min 65 saw-cutting machine for tracking sawing, depending on pneumatic pressure plate, with plate sawing, pneumatic reset. It has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and high cutting efficiency. The deformation of the cut-off fracture is small, and the force energy and structure of the burr 66 discharging rack are burred. The relevant technical parameters of the finished product supporting function are as follows: there are two sections, the function and configuration of the 6m6.7 electrical control system of each section are controlled by PLC, the man-machine interface is displayed, the length of the part is set numerically, and the length of the part can be adjusted. Hardware is equipped with power distribution cabinet console and length measuring device, operation mode is manual/automatic two kinds of 7B steel cold bending forming equipment process requirements B steel metal profile forming machine, is an electrical and mechanical, hydraulic transmission as one of the automation equipment. The whole chassis is made of 125 mm x 125 mm lightly welded H-shaped steel and 28 mm thick plate. The base plate is also butted on the chassis. After aging treatment, the forming part of the 71-system working principle cutter can be processed by frequency converter and remote control. It has the advantages of infinite speed regulation and wireless control of positive and reverse start and stop. The operation is very convenient.

    Electrical measurement to rows in the year of cutting and towing: 6 sentences: 1. Cutting. Man-m complete process cycle 72 production technical parameters motor power is 22 kW, frequency conversion is 22 kW, motor speed is 960 r/min, can install 32 pairs of rollers, voltage 380 V, center height 1280 MMZ wheel maximum ax 16r/min, shape size 14000 mm *1200 mm *1700 mm, effective use length of axle 5 oomm, axle It can withstand the maximum torque of 548.6n.m, phase lead shaft spacing L1 = 410mm, transmission torque 276N.M, and the upper and lower roller axles are flat 0.08mm (in any direction). Roller installation benchmark straightness is 0.10mm, and roller shaft runs 0.04m platform flatness is 0.10mm.

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