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    Advantages of steel structure (why choose steel structure? II)

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-09-26 14:17:14

    6.  Elasticity

    Compared to most other materials, steel behaves closer to design assumptions because it follows Hooke';s law to achieve fairly high stresses. The stress generated by the

    is proportional to the applied stress, or the stress strain diagram remains straight. The

    section steel does not crack or tear before the ultimate load, so the moment of inertia of the steel structure can be clearly calculated.

    7. Ductility and pre-failure warnings The characteristics of the material 73645x/p>

    material that can withstand large deformations under high tensile stress without damage are called ductility.

    mild steel is a very tough material. The elongation of the standard tensile specimen after fracture can be as high as 25% to 30%.

    This provides evidence of impending failure in the event of a significant deflection or overload. The

    extra load can be removed from the structure to prevent collapse.

    Even if there is a collapse, there is time for the occupants to vacate the building.

    In the structural members under normal load, the stress concentration at each point is higher.

    The ductility of structural steels typically allows them to locally yield at these points, redistributing stress and preventing premature failure.

    8.  Existing structure added

    existing steel structure is easy to add. The connection between the new structure and the existing structure of the

    can be used very efficiently. The

    new bay, and even the entire new building wing can be added to existing steel frame construction, steel bridges can often be widened.

    9.  Possible reuse The

    structure can be reused after disassembly.

    10.  waterproof, airtight construction

    steel structure provides a completely impervious structure.

    reservoir, tubing, gas pipe and other structures are preferably made of structural steel.

    11.  Large-span construction

    high-rise buildings, long-span bridges and towering transmission towers are all made of structural steel. The

    industrial building spanning 90 meters can be designed with slab beams or trusses. The

    bridge span of up to 260 meters consists of plate beams. The

    spans a truss bridge with a span of 300 m.

    12.  Temporary construction

    For temporary structures, the usual steel structure . The

    wartime military buildings were mostly constructed of structural steel. The

    structure can be removed by opening a few bolts, the parts are transported to a new location, and the structure is easily reassembled.

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