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    Technical requirements for steel structure installation

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-09-26 13:13:26

    Steel structure is a structure made of steel and is one of the main types of building structures. The steel structure is fast to install. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other forming steels and steel plates. It is usually welded, bolted or riveted to each member or member. It is light in weight and simple in structure. It is widely used. Large-scale workshops, venues, super high-rise and other fields. Before

    1, steel installation, perform various recording and reporting, as proof mass parts, material test reports, reports NDT welds, the outside parts check whether they meet the design requirements, the problem should be corrected immediately.

    2. installation drawing and a flowchart steel installation flowchart. Before installation you should check the accuracy of all anchor bolts in a timely manner to correct spatial location and design drawings to ensure the accuracy of anchor bolts.

    3. member should be carefully designed and installed in order to form a rigid body as soon as possible, to continue the installation in the steady state, and eliminate errors steel installation.

    component assembly to be calculated for the necessary checks. The lateral stiffness of the widget measures should be taken to avoid distortion and damage.

    steel column mounted

    5. steel or installation process, and should be installed steel support beams, if necessary plus temporary securing wire rope wind.

    6. Care should be taken to control the effect of the temperature difference on the verticality of the steel column mounting components, adjust the lateral amount to the first to determine the verticality of the standard column, and inspect the other columns.

    7. When installing a column, the positioning axis for each column must be drawn directly from the control axis on the ground, and the top column of the next column should not be used as the positioning axis for the upper column.

    8. steel spot installation environment, welding position, altitude, air temperature and humidity susceptible to adverse effects on the weld defects, therefore, appropriate measures must be taken to overcome the adverse effects of these factors. Unqualified weld rework repairs are not allowed more than twice.

    9. high strength bolts using a torque wrench to be calibrated prior to use, correction, checking after use, the torque error if it is found out of range, the wrench bolt are unacceptable distortion.

    high strength bolts should be tested after the final screw, and can be tested one by one through a small hammer nut. Torque sampling should be performed. After installation is complete

    10, steel, corrected correction, should be a space between the bottom and top of the base post secondary filling, the bottom plate and a top surface contact to ensure a firm foundation. After

    11. full steel installation is complete, should be "Steel construction engineering quality acceptance criteria" (GB 50205-2001) acceptance requirements.

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