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    Hengshui steel structure takes you to look at the future housing structure

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 10:32:59

    Hangzhou G20 Forum, Silk Road Cultural Fair, Beijing Olympic Games News Management Center , Shanghai World Financial Center... basically built all the key national convention exhibition halls and Chinese commercial buildings of super business buildings The limited liability company has deployed and scientifically developed this newly upgraded engineering construction. “The steel frame structure of the prefabricated house will be the orientation of the housing development trend after decades. Whether it is the construction of the house, or the hydropower project and the interior decoration, all the people will carry out the processing plant and make them into shells. Come to the spot to carry out the assembly." On August 20, Wang Hong, the boss of China Construction Steel Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Construction Steel Co., Ltd., said in an interview.

    In other words, in the future, building a house will be the same as a kid building block game, assembled by a spare part. According to the data released by CTBUH, the world';s high-rise residential modern urban engineering architecture (CTBUH) shows that 25 of the top 50 buildings of the multi-storey buildings around 400 meters that have been built and completed in the world are in China. Moreover, most of the 25 skyscrapers are all steel frame structures. In addition to the high-rise residential industry, the application of steel frame structures in large-span airports and stadiums has long been common. Why are many applications of steel frame structures? Wang Hong said that the stainless steel sheet can be used in the circulation system, and 90% of the steel frame structure can be reapplied.


    another, steel-framed structure is produced in manufacturing plants, on the spot to carry out the assembly line, reducing the wet spot work site dust and waste will be greatly reduced. The steel frame structure can be said to be a hot industry. People have applied steel for more than three hundred years. The steel frame structure has not appeared for 200 years, and the time of introduction to Beijing is shorter. In the capitalist countries, the current steel frame structure accounts for about 30% of the total output value of steel. In China, this large figure is only between 5Y286x-6%. Wang Hong believes that the steel frame structure belongs to the modern level and therefore cannot Or lack of four links in industrial production, namely, germination period, growth period, idling growth period and maturity. "From now to the next 20 years, it is the idling growth period of China';s steel frame structure.

    " In the past 30 years, the key independent innovation of Chinese architecture is "Wei Xinxin" "Tip", only in the next 30 years, the direction of engineering and construction will follow the turning point of the capital construction of all major cities. “In the past, the sales market of China-Building Steel Structure was in the big cities such as Nanxiashen, and the high-rise buildings in such big cities were precisely positioned with their supporting facilities. In the future, the sales market will brake as the second- and third-tier cities of communication satellite cities, and the engineering buildings also Not so many skyscrapers, a lot of them will be popular engineering buildings.” She said that this popular engineering building will be different from the previous concrete construction and on-site cast-in-place engineering buildings. A development prospect is a prefabricated house with a steel frame structure.

    What is a steel frame structure of the assembly house? Wang expression, it is the same as in the past, must be columns, beams, slabs, but in manufacturing plants, like one spot of the same assembled members. This has led to some shifts: first, the lean production method is different, and all the processing is carried out at the processing plant, and only the assembly line is on the spot. This has great benefits for the professionalization of the blue-collar workers, and migrant workers will become industrial workers. Secondly, the quality of all processing processes is more controllable. Because every prefabricated component, if there is a residual product, it will not be able to go to the gate of the processing plant, and immediately carry out maintenance in the processing plant, it is not easy to cause the residue after the scene. 92, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, Better use, according to the pursuit of each person';s pursuit of customized design ideas. The whole process of raw materials and production processes will be more low-carbon and environmentally friendly." This type of steel frame structure of the assembly house has also been used in the desert In the construction of the building. Yang Yong, manager of the China Construction Engineering Eight Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., told him that under the unique and more difficult natural geography standards of the desert, the advantages of steel frame structure assembled buildings are obvious. “For example, in the construction of the Silk Road Cultural Exhibition Hall project in Dunhuang, Gansu, which was recently completed, it is necessary to construct a pavilion with a total construction area of 12,506,293,83 x 92 square meters in the desert. People first consider the use of steel frame shears. Force wall management system assembly house, all steel frame structures are selected for large-scale production and manufacturing, large-scale technology professional manufacturing to improve the precision of prefabricated components, many buildings and building construction are selected from the prefabricated components of the processing plant on the spot, assembly line rate exceeds 80%.

    This is a huge reduction in the construction quality during the construction of the project and the reduction of urban waste and dust pollution on the construction site. It took only 178 days to carry out such a project, which was before I can';t imagine it," she said. Only according to the news network, at this stage, China is also facing technical difficulties when applying the steel frame structure to the construction of the super business building. “Building density has come to 600 meters. All the construction work means that people have never imagined it. The lower side is scraping the secondary wind, and the 600 meters high is the sixth grade wind. The difference is very big. How can the prefabricated components be used? It’s a temper to improve the stability of the upside together,” said the technical engineers of the China Construction Enterprise who participated in the infrastructure construction of the Super Business Building.

    Another, steel frame structure must also pay attention to a problem, if it is fire safety. The technical engineers said, "When steel comes to 800 degrees, there will be no compressive strength, and it will start to melt. The steel frame structure must be fireproofed on its own, and people';s fire safety technology can prevent 3 hours. There is also room for improvement in the future." .

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