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    Steel structure workshop construction process

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-21 16:45:47

    After dealing with the construction of the steel frame structure roof of mechanical equipment, the

    has the problem of opening large diameter holes for various reasons. The opening of the roof of the completed steel frame structure is subject to bottleneck problems such as roof truss structure, load carrying capacity, moisture-proof cover, heat insulation, colorful surface moisture protection, and construction site safety. In this paper, a solution is proposed based on the project case of a similar new project. Construction reference.  

    steel frame structure production workshop engineering construction process   

    (1) The basic construction and deployment key is divided into the following four processes:   

    (2) The manufacturer';s raw materials include the following whole process: according to the design concept under the drawing, such thick steel plate , screws, self-tapping screws, moisture-proof rear cover and neutral silicone rubber construction materials to reduce the waiting time for construction.    according to the spacing between the opening of the hole, check the specifications, apply 80 * 6.5 angle iron as the main lifting structure, and laser beam angle beam as part of the support point, and pre-embed stainless steel wire tension hole and prior in the skeleton diagram The upper structure strengthens the anchor bolt holes to prevent the hot work of the skeleton diagram on the roof;   

    (3) lower support point installation: the construction team should place the safety protection rope on the lower rope of the spherical grid. According to the engineering drawings, insert a part of the flat side of the main skeleton into the pur strip, and fix it at the end with a power line. After the main skeleton is hoisted, a part of the flat side of the sub-architecture is inserted into the main skeleton. Insert the screw into the pre-buried hole to fix the secondary skeleton to the main frame. The tension line of the    insulation board over the intermediate and secondary side skeleton diagrams is straight and concentrated according to the tensioned stainless steel wire mouth, and the initial support force is broken and fixed to the tensioned stainless steel wire mouth. The construction technique does not dry the cable jacket to avoid optical scattering.   

    (4) Open the hole and install the ventilation duct: the construction team can open a part of the opening in advance, stand on the roof panel and apply the automatic cutter to open the hole. Avoid losing the cable jacket during the entire process. After the actual operation of the punching, the same kind of color steel tile should be applied to maintain the edge of the hole. Avoid optical scattering of the cable jacket. Improve the support structure of the duct and electric welding duct structure, reduce the offset of the plan; weld the thick steel plate to the inner wall of the duct to ensure the mutual cooperation between the cover and the duct after the plastic moisture proof; the moisture-proof surface of the    color steel tile Cut 150mm along the circle of the ventilation pipe to avoid the creation of a water storage tank, which is harmful to the actual effect of moisture protection. First, apply neutral silicone rubber on the plastic moisture-proof rear cover and thick steel plate. Use BX self-drilling self-tapping screws to fix the plastic cover on the surface of the thick steel plate;   

    put on the two-way silicone rubber water stop pipe to prevent the water from leaking along the blockage to the page between the rear cover and the roof;   

    The plasticity of the edge of the cover sheet, the side of the strip cover sheet and the roof panel were pulled, and the peaks adhered and tightened; the all exposed joints were checked for neutral silicone rubber closure.

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