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    2. The sketches on which the structural calculation of the simple chimney and the metering method are based are consistent, which is very important for the stability metering of the frame structure. At present, when designing single-storey and multi-storey frame structures, the stability analysis of frame columns is replaced by the stability analysis of frame columns. When using this method, the effective length coefficient of columns used in the stability of the frame should be obtained through the overall stability analysis of the frame, so as to make the column stability meter equivalent to the force frame stability meter. However, there are many kinds of practical frameworks. In order to simplify the calculation work, some typical conditions need to be set up in the design. 3. The joint structure of the design structure and the stability design of the truss must cooperate with each other to make the two have a cohesion. The coincidence between the calculation of junction and the structural design is a problem that everyone pays attention to in the structural design. For joints requiring transfer of buckwheat moment and non-transfer of bending moment, they should be given sufficient stiffness and flexibility respectively, and for frame joints, the eccentricity of members should be minimized, which are often taken into account by designers when dealing with structural details.


    However, when it comes to stability performance, there are often structural requirements or special considerations different from strength. For example, in terms of flexural strength of simply supported beams, the requirement for fixed hinge bearings is only to prevent displacement while allowing rotation in the plane. However, when dealing with the overall stability of the beam, the above requirements are not enough. Bearings should also be able to prevent the torsion of beams around the longitudinal axis, while allowing the rotation of beams in horizontal plane and free warping of beam end sections, so as to meet the boundary conditions adopted by stability analysis. 3) Problems and Countermeasures in the design of steel structure residential buildings should be noted. 1. Steel structure residential buildings should be dominated by construction design, and other specialties should cooperate closely with each other. Apart from following the principle of tenant building design, steel structure residential buildings should pay attention to solving (1) how to give full play to the advantages of steel-bonded structures? Beam width can be large, opening more flexible, and create more space for residents. But how to avoid the monotonous and rigid facades of steel structures? (2) To solve the problems of fire prevention and anti-magic corrosion of steel-bonded truss residential buildings. Especially in rainy areas, the treatment of corruption and rust prevention directly affects the promotion, selection and development of exterior wall panels of steel-framed residential buildings, which is one of the key issues in the promotion of steel-framed residential buildings.

    In addition to meeting the technical requirements of external wallboard, the raw materials of the wallboard are suitable for local conditions, easy to produce, transport, install and connect. 3. The steel structure should be safe and reasonable, the joint structure should be convenient and reliable, and the conditions should be created for the fabrication, transportation and silk assembly of the components. The seismic performance of structures is closely related to the regularity of structural layout. The joint layout is irregular and easy to be damaged during earthquakes. Besides detailed design, the displacement test between elastic and plastic layers should also be done. Therefore, we should try our best to make the layout of the structure conform to the requirements of regularity. The plane layout of the residential steel structure should be regular and symmetrical. The common irregular layout of residential steel structure is mainly plane irregularity. For example, the plane shape is irregular, L-shape, etc. Especially the supporting shear wall is offset and obviously asymmetrical. If the maximum elastic horizontal displacement of the floor exceeds 1.2 times of the horizontal displacement of the center of mass, it belongs to irregular plane. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the configuration of the supporting shear wall. 4. Coordination of building equipment and steel structure residence is the first problem that households encounter. Therefore, how to use advanced technology to develop various equipment suitable for steel structure residence is a problem we must solve.

    5. The cost of steel-bonded tenement is the most concerned problem of real estate developers. Steel structure residence should be located in middle and high-grade residence. Steel structure mansion building is a systematic project. It should strengthen management and coordination from design, manufacture, transportation, installation, maintenance and management, so as to reduce costs.

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