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    Shandong coloured steel coil

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    The steel has uniform structure, close to isotropic homogeneous body, high strength and high modulus of elasticity. The ratio of density to strength is much smaller than that of masonry. Mixed Dome has the ability to construct super high-rise buildings with a span of more than 1000 meters and a height of more than 1000 meters and a height of up to 4000 meters. Moreover, the cable-membrane conjunction system formed by the combination of steel cables and membrane structures can better meet the requirements of architectural alignment, making this type of building a miraculous building. For example, the roof of Tokyo Backyard Baseball Course in Japan is a cable-membrane structure composed of steel cables and air-bearing membranes, covering an area of 28,000 square meters. The British government has transformed into a miraculous building of London Millennium Dome for the 21st century. The large-scale comprehensive exhibition building is also a cable-membrane structure system with a dome diameter of 320 M. (4) Raw materials can be recycled, which is helpful to environmental protection and sustainable development of steel structure. It is of great significance to me that there is a great shortage of resources and energy, because Zhonghuang is the largest brick masonry building and concrete building complex in the world.

    Steel is a kind of material with high strength and high efficiency. It has high recycling value. Side and corner materials are also valuable. It does not need moulding construction. At present, the new residential products which attract international attention are introduced into China. Their characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving are mainly embodied in two aspects: fully enclosed thermal insulation and moisture-proof system is adopted in residential buildings, and the temperature change is small and low. Whether in winter or summer, it is comfortable to stay in the room with a temperature of more than 17 degrees Celsius when living in the back. When the outdoor temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius, the indoor temperature is only about 21 degrees Celsius. 2. Compared with brick-concrete residential buildings, it can save more than 60% of energy, save more than 30% of power consumption in winter and summer, and make use of the spent time of the structure as 10%. Compared with brick-concrete structures, steel-bonded retaining walls have smaller area, save the cooling energy needed by air conditioning, and reduce the maintenance waste. Principles and Countermeasures for design of steel structure residential buildings (1) Discussion on stability design of steel structure, more work on the Three Kingdoms corner, in use! Nine-year-old 12 (9) accidents in the construction site due to insufficient stability of the web pole.

    Therefore, the main problem in the design of stability steel structure is that once the failure of steel structure occurs, it will not only cause serious economic losses, but also cause casualties, so we must grasp the key of stability design in the design of steel structure. At present, the instability accidents in steel-bonded structures are due to the lack of experience of designers and the lack of clear concepts for the stability of structures and components, which results in the weakness of stability design in general structural design. On the other hand, because of the emergence of new structures, such as space trusses, reticulated shells and so on, designers have not yet fully understood how to design them. (2) The design principles of steel structure architecture are aimed at the stability of steel structure buildings. In practical design, we must follow the following three principles: 1. The overall layout of the structure must consider the whole system as well as the stability of the steel structure. Component stability requirements. At present, most structures are designed according to plane system, such as truss and frame. In order to ensure that these planar structures do not suffer from plane instability, it is necessary to design the necessary supporting components from the overall layout of the structure.

    This means that the truss plane stability calculation of planar structural members must be consistent with the truss layout.

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